Saturday, October 6, 2007

Yes, I AM a ninja kitty!

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Hey, humans! Ha ha, bet you though I was gone! Ain't gonna happen.

Anyway, today I discuss my ninja skills. I am the master of the sneak attack and vanishing without a trace. I can launch myself off horizontal surfaces to confuse my pursuers. I can leap into the air and catch bugs with my paws(well, actually I'm still working on that).

However, I am unable to SHOW you these amazing feats, because my photographer(aka, one of my humans), is rather inept with the camera. She never can catch me at my best. Here's the best photo to date:

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Yeesh, pathetic! Makes me look like some lumbering sauropod.

She says it's the camera that's too slow. No, it's your reflexes, stupid! Never mind. There's no getting through to her. I suppose if she COULD get a good photo, then that would mean my skills are lacking.

Anyway, my human told me that she thinks people would rather see me doing cute and funny stuff instead. Like cramming a toy into my mouth:

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Lina said...
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Lina said...

WoW~!it look more like
Dark knight. :D

beautiful Cats!

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